Why - Our Purpose

We are encouraged by the gains made during 2015-2016; however, we are humbled by all that still needs to be done. NCCP’s consistent presence, expansive network and reputation for providing high quality programming has made it a valuable strategic partner within the district, working with the leadership of CUSD 187 and residents to build a stronger community through schools. Our collective efforts are yielding measurable results in all areas; however, much work remains to ensure equitable educational opportunities for all children and to sustain and replicate NCCP’s community school model.  

Opportunities to increase impact in 2016-2017
  • Expand and enhance programming and support at Neal Math & Science Academy to align with School Improvement Grant goals
  • Increase presence at Green Bay Early Childhood Center and North Chicago Community High School
  • Strengthen relationship with military-connected families
  • Develop and implement a 3-5 year plan to increase student physical and behavioral health support
  • Work with District leadership to develop a district-wide strategic plan
  • Increase communication and collaboration with all strategic partners
Obstacles to consider as we prepare for the next leg of this “marathon”
  • Changing district and school leadership
  • Revenue constraints of the district
  • Reorganization of current grade level center structure and further building consolidation