Focus Areas

Extended Learning

NCCP’s provision of extended learning and enrichment opportunities is a critical component of our model. It is aligned with classroom instruction, supports student learning and engages families all within the child’s school. The majority of our extended learning opportunities fall within the following two offerings:

Academic Lunch Bunch: Academic Lunch Bunch is our lunchtime tutoring program staffed by NCCP employees and supported by community volunteers. Two days per week, students receive unconditional encouragement and individualized instruction. Students in the program are selected by teachers or after school program staff and identified as needing academic, social and/or emotional support.

In 2015-2016, approximately 201 students in grades K-5 at A.J. Katzenmaier Academy, Forrestal Elementary School,  North Elementary School and Howard A. Yeager School participated in the program.

After School Enrichment Program: Our after school enrichment program is staffed by NCCP employees and supported by community volunteers. It includes a healthy snack provided by the Northern Illinois Food Bank, academic support and fun and engaging enrichment opportunities for all participants. The program, which serves children in grades K-8, is a safe haven where students can strengthen their academic skills, explore new topics, develop positive relationships with peers and adults and just have fun. A total of 408 students, grades K-8 had the opportunity to participate.

A few examples of our enrichment activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fun with Science – Students learned about key scientific terms and concepts through hands-on activities such as testing the buoyancy of an object by its ability to float or sink in water and discovering various states of matter by creating oobleck out of cornstarch and water.
  • Month of Masterpieces – Students were introduced to famous historical artists by recreating their works using similar techniques and styles. Students used tissue paper to recreate Monet’s water lilies and listened to classical music while splattering paint in the style of Jackson Pollack.
  • Healthy Me – Students discovered the benefits of healthy living by exploring MyPlate and new and exciting physical fitness options.

Outcomes expected by regular participants in the After School Enrichment Program include:

  • Improved academic performance and enhanced learning
  • Increased exposure to a broad range of topics and opportunities not covered in the classroom curriculum
  • Improved in-school behavior and attitude